A Perfect Day, 2012

A Perfect Day began as a visual conversation between Stephanie Hicks and Camille Serisier in 2012. Each interrogated the broader meaning and symbolism of natural weather patterns and attempted to find links with their personal lives and philosophies. Located at opposite ends of Australia, Hicks in Melbourne and Serisier in Brisbane, the palette, use of light and interior spaces in the works differ dramatically. The project took the form of a blog followed by an exhibition at Seventh Gallery in Melbourne.

In I’m Glad I Spent It With You Serisier develops her drawings into photographic tableau vivants. These works continue Serisier’s interest in the constructed cultural heritage of the feminine and the environment. Each is overtly contrived, portraying costumed performers amidst paper scenery and props. These works were presented at Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney towards the end of 2012 and again as part of ‘Field’ curated by Lisa Bryan-Brown for the inaugural exhibition at The Hold, Brisbane.

You Just Keep Me Hanging On shows the photographic images reinterpreted as watercolour on paper works, raising questions about authenticity. The result is a triptych offering the viewer multiple interpretations of the one original event. Like Chinese whispers, each subsequent image moves further away from the original idea, providing cultural material that presents imagery, which queries its own legitimacy. These large watercolours were shown at Level ARI, Brisbane, in January 2013 and accompanied by a catalogue essay written by Nicola Scott.

The entire series was brought together in a collaborative interdisciplinary verbal essay conceived and directed by Serisier, written and performed by Lisa Bryan-Brown and Nicola Scott. Accompanied by an introductory text by Laura Brown, this verbal essay explores the themes and references within this large body of work.

Special thanks to: Stephanie Hicks, Tim Aistrope, Sam Scoufos, Carly Scoufos, Kylie Spear, Miriam Carter, David Creed, Angela Rossitto, Clare Poppi, Alex Forrest, Kat Danger Sawyer, Lisa Bryan-Brown, Nicola Scott, Laura Brown, Andrew Lowrie, David Serisier, Suzanne Serisier, Naomi Evans, Brett Tracey, Elsje Evans-Tracey and Chris Handran.