After Arthur, 2013

After Arthur emerged during a residency at the Bundanon Trust in New South Wales. The former home of eminent Australian artist Arthur Boyd. The purpose of the residency was to research the history of Australian landscape painting, in particular to explore and reinterpret works made by Boyd in this particular landscape.

I used paintings created by Boyd at Bundanon to navigate the property and locate the approximate positions from which each work was painted. Once identified, these locations became the backdrop for tableau vivant photographs inspired by the original Boyd paintings. The tableaus for these works were constructed with materials found on the property and elements of painted paper scenery. The performers who appear in the works are artists who were also on residency at Bundanon during that time.

I grew up not far from Bundanon. These works pay homage to that beautiful area, to Arthur Boyd and his commitment to Australian Landscape, and also to my Grandfather Arthur Richards who passed not long before I undertook the residency.

Special thanks: Sue Serisier, David Serisier, Julie Ryder, Sarah Rodigari, Josh Wodak and Jennifer Thompson.