The Wonderful Land of Oz, Ken Done It!, 2013

Ken Done It! #5 was presented at the Australian National University Gallery in Canberra during 2013. This work reinterprets a watercolour on paper image as a large-scale stage, or tableau, complete with costumed performer. On opening night a female performer dressed as a Koala inhabited the work, playing on an iphone decorated with eucalyptus leaves. For the remainder of the show a photograph of the performance was placed alongside the work.

This installation forms part of The Wonderful Land of Oz series. It comprises a suite of drawingsphotographs, a filman interactive installation and a public artwork, which articulate a critical reading of the Australian landscape.

Special thanks to; Tim Aistrope, Sue Serisier, David Serisier, Sabrina Baker, Clare Thackway, Paul Hay, Jay Kochel and James Holland.