Camille Serisier is an Australian visual artist who lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and two children. Trained as a scenic painter for Opera, Theatre and Ballet - Serisier’s practice centres around her playful tableau vivant photographs, drawings, films and interactive installations. Through these ambitious and elaborate works Serisier uses the veil of playful absurdity to enact positive social change through storytelling.

By exploring dominant cultural narratives and personal experience Serisier creates unreal and fantastic works rich with references to gender, sexism, mythology, religion, art history, pop culture and contemporary political events. These elements are merged together in a humorous manner that belies their serious conceptual intent.

Initially, this approach manifests in drawings and watercolour works on paper. But these are just the first iterations of the image, which Serisier builds up into full-scale tableau vivants, brought to life by performers or through participatory public events. She then documents these living pictures using photographs, stop-start animations, films, or interactive social media. Each level of representation creates a new iteration of the original image. This process of reproduction asks the viewer to question the authenticity of all narratives. In so doing, Serisier draws attention to the assumptions and biases that inform much of the cultural material that shape our understanding.

Serisier was born in Wollongong, Australia in 1982. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art with First Class Honours from the Australian National University, where she was a National Undergraduate Scholarship holder and won the Neil Roberts Prize for Sculpture. She trained and worked as a scenic painter at the Malthouse Theatre, Show Works Creative Solutions, Scenic Studios and Opera Australia.

Serisier has been an artist in residence at the Kings School Britain, Bundanon Trust and Laughing Waters. She has received numerous grants, including the NAVA Australian Artist Grant, the Arts Queensland Career Development Grant, and the Copyright Agency Limited’s (CAL) Creative Individuals Career Fund. She has been a finalist in the Duo Magazine Photographic Portrait Prize, Art on Paper: Hazelhurst Art Award, the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Art Month 20/20 and the NAB Private Wealth Emerging Artist Award. Her work is held in private and public collections nationally including HOTA, the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Bundanon Trust.

Camille Serisier standing in the Sweet Harmony #5 set, 2014.